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Exterior Trim Trends: All the trimmings

Exterior trim exhibits versatility in its design applications, including trends in geography, architectural style and color, and increasing technology in its manufacturing

Uncluttered Interiors

The outward appearance of kitchen cabinetry is a critical element to the design, but equally important is how these cabinets function to maximize space, convenience and accessibility.

Simple Elegance

Trending right now are cabinets that offer a clean, simple look in painted whites or grays, Shaker and slab doors and custom options that include technology and make sense for the needs of the individual homeowner.

Sink Style

Today’s sinks and faucets must provide optimal functionality while also being seamlessly woven into the overall design of the room.

Creative Cooking

Healthy living and individual lifestyle choices have a large influence on appliances choices, and homeowners are looking for equipment that fits their design style while adding ease and function to their kitchen.