[SPONSORED] Case Study: See How Windows and Doors Defined This Design

Job location: Ann Arbor, MI


When a Michigan family started the journey of updating the home they built 20 years ago, they dreamt of an open floor plan that reflected their Asian culture. They also wanted to take full advantage of the remarkable views by including larger windows and doors that would span the back of their home. And two of the most important choices made in the design process: windows and doors. They not only affect the overall aesthetics of the home but have a substantial influence over energy efficiency, functionality and privacy – and can even have an impact on health.

The family decided to partner with DesRosiers Architects because of their impressive design portfolio, which aligned with what they envisioned. But DesRosiers had their work cut out for them. Using the current site and core structure as a starting point was a challenge, especially since the floor plan had to be reinvented into something completely different.


The goal was clearly defined: a home that’s beautiful inside and made even more beautiful by drawing in the outdoors.

DesRosiers used Weather Shield Windows and Doors to achieve the custom look and the homeowners received much more in return. A return on investment. In the bitter-cold Michigan winters and hot, humid summers that follow, the windows and doors must be well-insulated to help keep the house comfortable for the occupants as well as provide an energy savings. Every window and door included on the home is energy efficient with tempered, insulated low-E-glass, a perfect pairing for the newer, larger home.

More important than the beauty and awe of the new larger-set windows and doors, were the homeowner health benefits that came with it. Oversized windows and doors offer easier access and more visibility to the outdoors and can help dramatically reduce some health issues. Having a stronger connection with the outdoors can increase mood, cognition and overall health.

The windows and doors had an aluminum-clad exterior, providing a virtually maintenance-free finish that resists varying weather elements. The homeowners wanted a unique look and chose the designer-focused hardware collection with a finish that perfectly complemented the interior design. In addition, the windows and doors included unfinished pine interiors so they could be customized to the colors to the rest of the home. This versatility allowed the homeowners and designers to choose nearly any size, shape and color for a truly unique home geared toward their taste, yet at a moderate, reasonable price.

Window and door choices can completely change the look of a home. By working closely with an architect that helped see their vision through, the homeowners were beyond pleased as they were able to get the home of their dreams that was at once modern, innovative, and unique with the right amount of Asian flair intertwined into the design.

Weather Shield products used in the home: Contemporary Collection Casement Windows, Direct Set Windows and 90° Corner Windows, Hinged Doors and Sliding Patio Doors.

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