[SPONSORED] Case Study: A Wine Wall with Modern Farmhouse Vibes

The “modern farmhouse” is an exceptional design concept that is sought out because of its perfect blend of old and new. It takes the rustic, rural appeal of the heartland by bringing in warm elements of nature inside, mixing it with wide-open contemporary floor plans to give spaces a fresh appeal.

This showcase home in Arrington, Tn, is a perfect testament to the hot design philosophy and incorporates a smart, albeit small, wine wall element that helped it win both Best in Show and Best Kitchen Design in the 2016 Parade of Homes in Arrington, Tn.

Project: This 5,000-square-foot home highlights modern and rustic design elements throughout. The wine wall is a chic, minimalistic feature that integrates into a kitchen-facing wet bar that is the center of entertaining. Featuring a mix of VintageView’s W Series metal wine racks and Vine Series Pins and Rails, the display holds 94 bottles and blends label-forward and cork-out bottle storage for a dazzling look.

Challenge: Designing an accent piece that not only makes the home feel open but also creates a space where people can gather. It needed to aesthetically flow, while giving the homeowner a non-climate-controlled storage option that still protects the wine.

Solution: Finding a nook between the kitchen and dining room created the perfect middle space for an entertainment area. To continue the vibe of warm and woody tones, a sassafras wood backing was chosen as a canvas to match the ceiling panels used throughout the main floor. The wine wall highlights the hallway area, while remaining safe from any UV light or fluctuating temperatures.

Selecting a mix of label-forward and cork-forward wine racking by VintageView, the trusted wine storage for the world’s top design professionals, offered an innovative and stylish approach. Not only do the bottles serve as art, but the wine wall is a functional storage space. Blending two styles of VintageView wine racking gives the display more visual depth, too.

Approach: Combining modern design and minimalism resulted in this show-stopping home winning Best in Show at the 2016 Parade of Homes in Arrington, Tn. Woodbridge Homes incorporated a beautiful mix of warm woods, chic metals, mood lighting, and brick that personifies the farmhouse feel of the home.

Wine Cellar & Additional Details:

• Racking by VintageView Wine Storage Systems
• Designer & Homebuilder: Woodbridge Homes

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