Parti Shot: Haleakala Hale by Assembledge+

When you design a house in Hawaii, you dare not compete with the scenery. In this case, the views are nearly 360 degrees, taking in a volcano, the Pacific Ocean, and an undulating mountainscape. 

Asked by a client to design an equestrian estate at Maui’s loftiest elevation, Assembledge+ decided the best approach was to anchor the house solidly to the ground. “We wanted a really organic vibe,” says principal-in-charge David Thompson. “Something very earthy coming out of the ground with the natural, wild landscape all around it.”

The main house is a series of hefty stucco boxes, carved out along a datum line with glazing and composite wood detailing. The 15-acre master plan also encompasses a stable and riding arena. “Our client has lived in Maui for 35 years,” says David. “She was interested in doing something great, but this is also meant to be a working farm.” 

The house opens to the outdoors with sliding window walls, and deep overhangs block the harshest sun, which occurs with the ocean vista to the west. Pulling the guest suite, office, and gym into a separate “Ohana” structure allows the main house to enjoy controlled natural light and ventilation from nearly all directions. 

The project is due to break ground next year, and the firm could not be more excited. “This is a like a bucket list dream come true,” says David. “It’s an awesome project for an awesome client.”

Haleakala Hale
Maui, Hawaii

Project Credits

Architect: David Thompson, principal in charge; Tara Hagan, Carey England, Caleb Schweter, Assembledge+, Los Angeles

Builder: Koa Construction, Inc., Maui, Hawaii

Landscape Designer: EcoScapes Maui, Haiku, Hawaii

Project size: Main house, 5,000 square feet; Ohana, 1,000 square feet; stable, 1,200 square feet

Site size: 15 acres

Renderings: Assembledge+