Join the 2021 AIA Housing Awards Celebration on July 23rd

AIA Housing Awards recognize exceptional design in various types of housing. The 2021 winners’ designs represent the best practices in the field that reflect a commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and accessibility to foster healthy neighborhoods and communities. The panel will discuss various approaches that the winners are using to address various pertinent challenges through design. The panel will also explore the role of housing as an opportunity to rethink diverse forms of living, to provide innovative ways to combat shortages, and to promote a sustainable and responsible accelerated growth and densification.

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2021 AIA Housing Awards Celebration

When:  Jul 23, 2021 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM (ET)

Learning Outcomes:
1. Explain various sustainability strategies that enhance building performance and meet the AIA framework for Design Excellence through the selection of materials, innovative design applications, and indoor-outdoor connections, including lessons from the first large-scale mass timber building in the nation, a passive-forward coastal home, and more.

2. Explore innovative design approaches in residential design at multiple scales, with a focus on strategies for resilience including the use of piers to raise the residential units, allowing stormwater to flow freely though the site; as well as using strategies for filtering, storing, and returning water to the soil.

3. Describe progressive and supportive living environments that foster intergenerational communities and mixed-use housing opportunities that contribute to the surrounding context while also addressing sustainability and resiliency.

4. Demonstrate the steps to design an equitable and environmentally sustainable project by utilizing techniques for net positive energy and adherence to a strict material list, among other methods, also including reducing energy use through photovoltaic methods and treating grey and blackwater for reuse.

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