Do You Want Your Work Published in Residential Design?

What do we look for in projects? The exceptional, the unusual, the ambitious, and the delightful. Any custom residential project is eligible if it is under four or so years old, not widely published on a national basis (either in print or online), has a strong architect/designer at the helm and a talented custom builder.

We strive for geographical diversity, covering as much of the country as we can from issue to issue.

We prefer new construction projects, but will consider an extensive, whole-house remodel or major addition.

The house must already have been professionally photographed with at least 10 or more images, presentation floor plans, and a products specification list.

We are happy to keep the identity of the client(s) confidential.

How do we define a custom home? A one-of-a-kind project designed and built for a specific client on the client’s property. Houses built from existing plans with modifications do not qualify. Houses built as speculative projects for a hypothetical buyer do not typically qualify. Any style of house does qualify, as long as its particulars are uniquely invented for the client and the site.

Please recognize that we cannot publish all submissions. We may not be able to reply to all inquiries, due to volume. If we don’t select your project, it could be for many reasons that have nothing to do with merit. We may have run a similar house recently, one from a nearby location, or may have already agreed to do so.

Do put on your critic’s hat before submitting work. The magazine consists of an all professional audience. Is your project one that teaches a lesson other professionals will find valuable? Does it stand up to what you already see in this magazine and other professional journals? Does it advance the practice of residential design in one way or another? Would it likely win an award in a local, regional, or national design competition? If yes, we are delighted to consider it.

Email is best. Address your submissions to [email protected]. And please be sure to include the following:

  1. Low-res jpegs of the project itself
  2. A short project description, highlighting significant aspects of the house and unusual aspects of the design and/or construction
  3. Presentation floor plans, if available (these will be needed if your project is selected for publication). Other drawings are welcome

We also welcome interesting practice/business stories and work on the boards projects. Just a straightforward email outlining your idea will do. Note: We don’t accept article placements by public relations firms or other entities. If we like your idea, we’ll write about it ourselves.

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