Custom Doors Open Incredible Possibilities

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A grand entrance to a home. A point of passage through an interior. A secure bulwark. A custom door is more than a portal to move through — it’s a statement on, and reflection of, a home’s design and the space it encapsulates. For more than 20 years, Vintage Millwork & Restoration has been creating bespoke doors for new construction, restorations, and renovations to enhance the vision of architects and homeowners alike.

Integrating old-world craftsmanship with modern technologies, and using only first-class materials, a Vintage Millwork & Restoration door is unlike any other. Our designers work with you to produce a door that not only fits the style of its surroundings, but is a blend of beauty and strength.

We use a variety of wood species that will endure, each embodied with its own warm, unique texture and character to suit a given project. We specialize in using reclaimed wood, often from barns near our workshop in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Giving old beams and lumber new life gives a one-of-a-kind look and feel to the door, the room, and the home.

Our craftsmen come from a long line of hands-on builders and honor that tradition with each Vintage Millworks & Restoration door. From the wood selection to cutting, shaping, and fitting, every step of our process is carefully monitored to create the highest quality piece. And we routinely send a team to the build site to unpack and install the door ourselves.

No matter if it’s a statement-making, monolithic entry door, a unique carriage-style garage door, or a sleek interior door, Vintage Millwork & Restoration is driven to exceed expectations and make your vision come to life.