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Uncluttered Interiors

The outward appearance of kitchen cabinetry is a critical element to the design, but equally important is how these cabinets function to maximize space, convenience and accessibility.

Creative Cooking

Healthy living and individual lifestyle choices have a large influence on appliances choices, and homeowners are looking for equipment that fits their design style while adding ease and function to their kitchen.

Hardware Adds Purpose & Pizzazz

Hardware has two separate but equally important roles in design. On the functional side, hardware allows for efficient and accessible use of cabinet doors, drawers and storage solutions. On the decorative side, the perfect pulls and knobs can be the embellishments that pull a design together or make it pop.

Surface Solutions

Countertops play an essential role in the kitchen – both for their aesthetic value and functional properties. From food prep…

Flexible Functionality, Customized Style

Current trends call for appliances that offer flexibility, customized design and functions, technology the increases convenience and efficiency and options geared toward healthy living and responsible energy use. That’s according to manufacturer’s recently surveyed by Kitchen & Bath Design News.

Cleansing Comfort

As important as functionality is to showers and baths, today’s consumers also want design elements that add comfort, relaxation, accessibility and luxury.

Cabinetry Spotlights Clean Lines, Painted Finishes

With the rise in open-concept kitchens and a demand for kitchens that work for all members of the household, close attention must be paid to both the way kitchen cabinets look and how they work.

Relaxing Retreats

The desire for a space in the home where serenity is top priority has driven the hydrotherapy market for years. Whether selecting from among the wide range of therapeutic bathing options, steam showers or saunas, creating a day spa environment in the bathroom is important to busy homeowners who just want to relax.

Personalization & Convenience Mark Kitchen Sinks and Faucets

Kitchen faucets, sinks and accessories must add increased functionality to these areas while also offering opportunities for personalization of the space. Additionally, they must be easy to use, stylish, and able to create a flow in the overall kitchen design.

Essential Accents

For a long time, accessories and hardware in the bathroom were more of an afterthought than something planned from the beginning. Times have changed, however, and increasingly, these products are being seen as more essential to the overall look and feel of the space.