Sponsored Case Study: Sightlines to Seattle – Of Geometry & Gemstones


This three-story dream home was inspired by the geometry of precious gemstones and mid-century modern architecture. Designed to maximize spectacular views of downtown Seattle, Kolbe’s expansive VistaLuxe® Collection windows embrace light from all directions.

Owners Rebecca Bridge and her husband, Evan Lundgren, are lifelong residents of the Seattle area. From a young age, Bridge learned to appreciate the region’s beauty and the geology. As an adult, she became a gemologist working for a local jeweler.

To help create their dream home in the Magnolia neighborhood in which Bridge grew up, they worked with Janof Architecture. “They wanted a home designed around entertaining their extended family, who all live nearby. And it was essential to maximize their spectacular views of downtown Seattle, Mt. Baker, and Mt. Rainier,” says firm principal Amy Janof, AIA. “They also both really like modernist architecture, and the clean look of classic mid-century modernism.”

The architect also sought to connect the design style to the owners themselves. “Gemology and architecture share a sense of carefully constructed facets. How you angle and shape a gem to highlight the way it catches the light and presents its best features can be very similar to how you design a home,” observes Janof.


On the Bridge-Lundgren home, Janof chose Kolbe’s VistaLuxe Collection windows and doors because of their rigorous contemporary design. Consistent, square profiles on both the interior and exterior provide clean lines and sleek style, while a reduced visible frame provides maximum views–essential for this home’s locale.

While the living room’s corner windows are the most complex, the windows in the master bedroom and bath are the most massive. One of the reasons Janof chose VistaLuxe Collection windows is because the Collection was designed for units to be mulled together with precise horizontal and vertical alignment, with glass that remains on the same plane across multiple product types. “These are huge units–too big to have them mulled together as single piece. Kolbe helped minimize the necessary connections, keeping the jambs as small as possible,” Janof emphasizes. “We really did everything we could to give it a clean look and expansive views.”



“From the beautiful exterior color choices, to the minimized framing on the interior, I cannot adequately express how amazing these windows are,” praises Bridge. “The windows capture views in every direction of the house. No matter where you look, there’s something beautiful to see.”

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