AIA Small Firm Compensation Report: How Much Should Your Small Firm Earn?

As a small firm practitioner, it’s hard to get a reality check on what you should be earning and how your firm stacks up against your peers. The AIA has just updated its Small Firm Compensation Report for 2020 to help you get a handle on important benchmarks for your small business. There’s a discount for AIA members.

For the parameters of the survey, the AIA defined small firms as follows: “Those legally structured as sole proprietorships (regardless of number of employees) and architecture firms with fewer than three architectural staff employees.” The survey was developed in collaboration with the AIA Small Firm Exchange and includes “data on compensation trends, employee demographics at small firms, as well as details on employee benefits offered by small firms, and 23 detailed compensation tables broken out for six positions by firm type, firm revenue, region of the country, and more.”

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