The Housing Awards 2024, presented by the AIA Housing and Community Development Knowledge Community, emphasize the importance of good housing as a necessity of life, a sanctuary for the human spirit, and a valuable national resource. This year, 10 projects were recognized for this honor across five categories: One- and Two-Family Custom Residences, Multifamily Housing, Specialized Housing, Excellence in Affordable Housing, and Mixed-Use Community Connection.

Jury, AIA Awards – Housing Awards 2024

Patricia Grutis, AIAChair, MASS Design Group, Boston

Lance Collins, AIA, Partner Energy, Inc., Long Beach, Calif.

Fiona Mathew, AIA,  Prime Design, LLC, Manhattan, Kan.

Nigel Maynard, Freelance writer specializing in architecture, design, and construction, United States

Nicole Vlado Torres, AIA, Shakespeare Gordon Vlado Architects, Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Hope Center and Berkeley Way Apartments
Photo: Bruce Damonte

Berkeley Way Apartments & the Hope Center

Architect: Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects

The award-winning design for Berkeley Way Apartments & the Hope Center in Berkeley, Calif. is home to four housing typologies, and a wide umbrella of social, nutritional, physical, and mental health care services to an equally diverse resident demographic. 

Exterior view of Chapman Stables
Photo: Anice Hoachlander, StudioHDP

Chapman Stables

Architect: Studio Twenty Seven Architecture

The award-winning design for Chapman Stables in Washington, D.C. represents the next iteration of a storied piece of local architecture, keeping within the parameters of historic preservation requests.

Residential buildings surrounding a small lake/creek
Photo: Andrew Welch

Cooperwood Senior Living

Architect: Duvall Decker

The award-winning design for Cooperwood Senior Living in Flowood, Miss. enables a vibrant, financially accessible community where residents feel invested and able to take advantage of varied amenities and outlets to nature.

Gridded concrete façade with colorful painted steel panels stands out in
Photo: Michael Moran

El Borinquen Residence

Architect: Alexander Gorlin Architects

The award-winning design for El Borinquen Residence in New York instills a sense of cultural pride while fulfilling the unique needs of the intergenerational population it serves.

Entry view between two pavilions.
Photo: Joe Fletcher

Madrone Ridge

Architect: Field Architecture

The award-winning design for Madrone Ridge in Healdsburg, Calif. uniquely bridges its interior space and surrounding natural habitat so homeowners can simultaneously avail themselves and their guests of both.

Kendall/MIT Gateway and MIT Site 4
Photo: John Horner Photography

MIT Site 4

Architect: NADAAA

The award-winning design for MIT Site 4 in Cambridge, Mass. serves as a focal point for overall community revitalization, with public transportation promoting ease of access to diverse student support facilities.

The new residential Colleges at Princeton University represent a major expansion of the campus and a first step in the university’s 30year campus plan. With gestures both subtle and overt, the colleges are designed for a cohesive community organized around the many spheres of undergraduate life. New College West and the rest of Yeh College are visible through Yeh College’s entry portal.
Photo: Christopher Payne/Esto

Princeton University Residential Colleges

Architect: TenBerke

The award-winning design for Princeton University Residential Colleges in Princeton, N.J. is the first step in a multi-year campus expansion that promotes student satisfaction, shared experiences, and enhanced living and learning.

Theresa Passive House offers a path to engaging homebuilding with more mindfulness and persistence in climate action.
Photo: Casey Dunn

Theresa Passive House

Architects: Forge Craft Architecture and Design, Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

The award-winning design for Theresa Passive House in Austin, Texas is a trailblazer in sustainable design that integrates historic preservation, practical daily living, and community involvement.

View from courtyard entrance, facing South.
Photo: Alan Karchmer

Thurston Hall Renovation

Architect: VMDO Architects

The award-winning design for Thurston Hall Renovation in Washington, D.C. exemplifies the use of existing building foundations to accommodate modern-day student needs, supporting mental health, increasing natural light access, all while still maintaining the urban character of its surrounding area.

North Campus Housing takes advantage of grand natural backdrops like Union Bay and Mount Rainier. Denny Field anchors the master plan between historic campus buildings and the new housing neighborhood
Photo: Bruce Damonte

University of Washington North Campus Housing

Architect: KieranTimberlake

The award-winning design for University of Washington, North Campus Housing in Seattle encourages an environment where all aspects of community participation can converge, while still respecting student privacy, convenience, and social distance when needed.

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